Corporate governance has increasingly received attention over the last decade mainly due to the collapse of prominent organizations in America and the United Kingdom. Questions have been asked as to why such organizations that seemingly looked prosperous suddenly collapsed without warning and with catastrophic consequences.
The failure of these organizations, were largely blamed on the inability of the Board of Directors to provide effective leadership and controls. As a reaction to what has been widely viewed as failures in corporate governance, a number of publications have been developed to promote excellence in the board room.
The publications include such notable works as the Cadbury Report, the OECD Principles, Code of Best Practices and many others. It has become clear that, effective governance depends on the competencies that individual directors bring with them to the board.

This 2 day programme aims at ensuring that those appointed to the board of any organization have the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively provide leadership for its affairs.
The course has been designed in a manner that allows participants to examine their corporate governance experience in the light of best practice. The course is also designed to address the challenges of corporate governance prevalent in Malawi.

Board of Directors and members of the Executive Management Team


    An overview of corporate governance
    Key elements of governance
    The mandate of the board
    The conduct of the board
    The board-management relationship
    Characteristics of a well-functioning board
    Financial reporting and its impact on corporate governance
    Maximizing the auditing process to reduce risk and increase value and confidence in your organization
    Understanding the role of directors in terms of law

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