World market dynamics are changing beyond the predictions. This constant change has resulted into complexities and challenges in meeting client needs. Clients have become more demanding of quality services. Propelled by various factors, the clients have become more critical of services they receive than ever before.
However, some of the challenges can be solved largely by not only what we deliver but how we deliver and relate with our clients. This customer care programme therefore has been designed to provide essential skills on how client expectations and satisfaction can be achieved.

This is a 5-day training programme aimed at providing essential skills to the participants in excellent customer delivery.
The programme tackles issues like how to understand clients' needs, how to deliver and relate with clients, proactive problem identification and managing complaints.In other words, the programme will enhance skills in participants that will promote an organization’s positive image.

Middle managers, supervisors, frontline staff and other support staff.


    Defining customer Care and its Dimensions
    How to improve your customer service
    Creating a positive image with customers
    How to deal assertively with customers
    Managing the problem-solving process
    Positive Persuasion and Negotiation
    Dealing with difficult and challenging customers
    Total Quality Management

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