Position:Managing Partner
Masters of Public Aministration, 1991
BA Public Administration and Economics, 1983

Mr. Nyondo is Managing Partner of Management International (MI), a privately owned management consultancy organisation with international scope.
He has expertise in corporate governance, institutional development, strategic planning, programme formulation and conduct of evaluations, capacity assessments and development, policy development, management systems development, and design and delivery of leadership and management development programmes.
He is the co-founder of Management International and prior to that Mr Nyondo worked as Chief Management Development Consultant with the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM).
He also worked as the Chief Management Analyst with the Malawi Government in the Department of Public Service Management in the Office of the President and Cabinet giving him a unique understanding of both public and private sector organizational development issues.
He also has extensive experience working on projects funded by various Development Partners that include GTZ, World Bank, DFID, European Union/EDF, DANIDA, Commonwealth Secretariat, UNDP, UNCDF, UNFPA, FAO, UNAIDS, and COMESA .

Jean Nyondo
Justin Nyondo
Joel Mkumbwa
Joseph Mhango
Joseph Makuwila
Christopher Kamanga

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