M.Sc. Development Economics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland 1985
Diploma in Economic Development, United Nations Institute of Economic Planning and
Development (IDEP), Dakar Senegal, 1977
Bachelor of Social Science, University of Malawi, 1971

Mr Mhango has vast experience in the Public Sector, having worked for many years in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, starting at the rank of Economist in 1971, and rising to the rank of Acting Principal Secretary by the time he left.
While in EP&D he has worked extensively on Economic Issues affecting the agriculture sector such as agriculture marketing and pricing policies, and agriculture subsidies.
He was appointed head of the Task Force which managed the drought emergency programme in Malawi, was seconded to the SADC food security office in Zimbabwe, then to the Drought Emergency for Southern Africa office in Switzerland.
He moved to the Office of Director of Public Procurement where he was a Deputy Director by the time he retired in 2009.
He joined Management International where he now works as a consultant. He has participated in a number of consultancy assignments on Agriculture Labour Supply for Cotton Farmers, Smallholder Fertilizer Subsidy Programme in Malawi, possibility of Economic Diversification from tobacco, Training Needs Assessment for major Public Procuring Agencies, and Business Plan Development for Intergrated Youth Development Project.

Jean Nyondo
Justin Nyondo
Joel Mkumbwa
Joseph Mhango
Joseph Makuwila
Christopher Kamanga

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