Managing for results is the essence of management. To get the desired results managers have to apply appropriate tools. One proven tool that managers can use to facilitate achievement of company objectives is integrated performance management.
It helps managers proactively plan for the results they want to achieve at various levels of the organisation.
It also helps managers see the need for alignment between corporate goals and departmental and sectional goals, as well as the need for alignment and linkage between performance management with corporate strategy and policy direction and other systems relating to remuneration, training, job evaluation, promotion, career development and succession planning.
Many have thought performance management is only about performance appraisal of individual performance without recognising its linkages to the bigger picture. As a consequence, not many organisations have reaped the intended benefits from the introduction of performance management systems.

This 3 day course aims at helping managers understand their role in planning and monitoring the performance of their departments and that of their subordinates. It is designed to ensure managers capture the essentials of designing and implementing performance management systems.
Managers attending this course will be equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to build capacity in their own institutions in the area of performance management. The course is designed in such a manner that ensures internalisation of performance management concepts through a variety of practical exercises.
This Course can be designed and delivered on a customized basis with variations made to the content and duration

Senior Managers from all sectors of the economy. Those responsible for managing performance management systems in their organisations are particularly encouraged to participate in this course.


    Overview of the Concept of Integrated Performance Management
    Setting the Performance Agenda
    Performance planning
    Performance Measurement
    Performance Monitoring
    Developing a Reporting and Accountability Framework
    Aligning the Performance Management System to other systems, policy framework and strategy
    Writing Job Effectiveness Descriptions
    Developing Service Standards
    Setting Performance Targets
    Designing a Performance Management System, including an Open Appraisal Scheme

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